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Versioning has the following impacts on activity Properties in the platform:

Status | General Properties

There is no Status property visible for Published or Archived versions of an activity. The property is replaced by the Archive and Restore workflow.

Code | General Properties

The uniqueness constraint for the Code property has been removed for accounts with versioning enabled. If you use Code to uniquely identify activities, you will need to manually ensure each code is unique.

Restricted Admin | Advanced Properties

Restricted Admin permissions can only be edited or updated within a Draft. Once assigned, the permissions apply to all versions of the activity.

Group Restrictions | Catalog Properties

Group Restrictions can only be applied at the activity level. Activities cannot be added to Groups in accounts with versioning enabled.

Facilitator | Facilitators Tab

Activity and Assessment Facilitators can only be added, updated, or reviewed within a Draft - via the Facilitators tab.

Activity Properties & Drafts

The following activity properties, if enabled or set, do not apply to drafts of an activity and cannot be previewed when accessing a draft:

  • Group Restrictions
  • Auto Enrollments
  • Display (Include activity in catalog)
  • Hide Enrollments Until
  • Max Attendance
  • Deep Search

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