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Add a Hot Content section to an Organization homepage to feature the top learning content in your catalog. Tailor the section with display options to help you engage even more users with your most popular activities.

This article shows you how to add the Hot Content section to an Organization homepage and gives an overview of home sections properties.

Add a Hot Content Section

Unrestricted admin can add the Hot Content section to the homepage of any Organization via Account Settings>Organization>Home Layout Settings.

Follow these steps to add the Hot Content section to an Organization:

  1. Navigate to the Home Layout Settings of an Organization
  2. In the Home Sections Layout section, click + Add Section.
  3. Click Add on the Hot Content item.

Hot Content Section Properties

Control how many activities will display in the section and set a timeframe for the content included in the section.

4. Set Max Items (if applicable) to control the number of events displayed in          the section.

5. Use Trending Timeline to only include content published within a specific        number of days. Leave this field blank if you want to the section to include          all  trending content.

6. Click Save.

Once added to the Home Sections Layout, you can access and edit section properties via the gear icon. Use the X icon to remove the section.

Drag & Drop the section in the Home Sections Layouts list to control its location on the Organization's homepage.

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