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Home Layout Settings help you build custom homepages using featured content sections for each Organization in your account - as well as the Locales within an organization. Home Sections properties let you customize each content section included on a homepage by tailoring things like:

  • the Section Name and if it is displayed on the homepage
  • the Section Description - if needed
  • the Layout, or number of items included in the homepage section
  • the Overflow, or how additional content fits into the homepage section
  • which Groups can see the section
  • the type of user that can see the section

This article walks you through accessing Home Section properties, gives an overview of all Home Section properties - as available across content sections - and provides visual examples of the properties affect on a content section.

Heads Up!

Custom Banner Sections, Live & Upcoming Sections, and Followed Topic Sections feature variations of the properties based on the nature of the content included in each section.

Overview | Home Section Properties

Section Name

  • Assign a custom name to a section as it should appear to learners on the homepage - or choose to hide the section name entirely

Section Description

  • Introduce or summarize the content included in a section


  • Control the number of items featured in a section on the homepage and how those items are listed:
    • 4 x Row
    • 3 x Row
    • 2 x Row
    • 1 x Row
    • List View
    • Tabloid


  • Control how additional content will be displayed in the section and made accessible to learners:
    • Scroll
    • Stack

Max Items

  • Control how many items will be included in the section. You can include up to 12 items in any section.

Activities Shown to Learners

  • Restrict the items included in the using a learner's current enrollment status:
    • Show all activities
    • Show only enrolled activities
    • Show only recommended activities
    • Show only required activities

Group Restrictions

  • Restrict the visibility of the homepage section to specific groups of learners. Select an active Group from the dropdown and click Add. Use the X icon to remove a current restriction.

Authentication Restrictions

  • Restrict the visibility of the homepage section by user type:
    • Hidden (will not appear on the homepage)
    • Show to all users
    • Show to authenticated users
    • Show to public users

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