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Access the User Profile Menu by clicking on your photo at the top right of any page while logged in to the Intellum platform.

This article gives you an overview of the options available in the user profile menu and walks you through editing information in your user profile.

User Profile Menu Options

My Profile

1.) Topics Followed

Clicking this link opens a window that shows you which topics you are following, and suggests other topics you can choose to follow.

2.) Topic Evaluations

If Evaluations are available, an evaluation rating is displayed. Click to view past manager evaluations, or view and complete a self evaluations.


The Public toggle lets you decide if your profile can be seen by users who are not logged into the system.

  • On: any user can view your profile via an HTML link

  • Off: users must be logged in to view your profile.

4.) Awards

The awards, certificates, or certifications you've received for completing learning content in the platform are available for review.

5.) Level XP, Level Gold & Badges

If your organization uses ourĀ Level app, you'll find your Level XP stats, your Level Gold balance, and Level Badges in My Profile.

Edit Your Profile

You may have access to edit your user profile. You'll see an Edit profile link if profile editing is accessible for your account - as seen below:

Follow Up | Important User Profile Fields

Username & Password

  • You may have access to reset your username and/or password. If the option is available, the login and password will be editable on the page. Be sure to save any changes you make to a login or password.


  • Update the timezone in your user profile as it impacts the times attached to scheduled activities and events.


  • You may have access to edit your contact information. Add missing information or update existing information as needed.


Favorites is a list of your favorited activities in the platform. You can access each activity directly from your Favorites list.

To favorite an activity, click the heart icon on any activity page. Click the heart icon again to remove the activity as a favorite.


History lets you search, review, print, and/or filter a list of the learning content you've accessed, enrolled in, or completed. The filter lets you narrow the list by enrollment status to help you find the learning content you're looking for.

Other Options


You may have access to platform Help documentation through the Help link in the User Profile Menu. By default this link takes you to Experience - the home for Intellum's knowledge base.

Log Out

When you're done learning in the platform (but who's really ever "done learning"?) use the Log Out link to protect your learning account.

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