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UTM (urchin tracking module) campaigns are custom parameters that can be added to the links you share with learners to track specific campaign data in Google Analytics. The UTM parameters that you create can be added to learner-facing links to help you discover things like: where learners are coming from, how they got there, and which link - or ad - was followed.

This article gives you an example of a learner-facing links appended with UTM campaign parameters, walks you through tracking UTM parameter data in the Intellum platform, and points you to resources related to UTM campaigns.

Examples | UTM Campaigns

UTM Campaign Parameters can be used with Enrollment Links, Action Links, or any learner-facing link to the Intellum platform - the specific data you target with UTM campaigns is entirely up to you.

Here are a few basic examples of an Action Link from Intellum, appended with UTM campaign parameters for tracking in Google Analytics.

Use Case:

Boosted wants to track campaign data for a new Path they'll be promoting through Social platforms and an email newsletter. To get started, they want to add UTM campaign parameters to an enrollment Action Link they've created specifically for BoostedNews subscribers.

Campaign Source:

  • Use 'utm_source' to identify the site, publication, etc. that is sending traffic to your content (e.g. google, newsletter, etc.)

Here's Boosted's 'utm_source' parameter identifying their newsletter as the source of traffic to the Path:

Campaign Medium:

  • 'utm_medium' lets you identify the advertising or marketing medium used for the campaign (e.g. banner, email)

Here's Boosted's 'utm_medium' parameter identifying the medium of the newletter as email:

Campaign Name:

  • utm_name lets you identify the campaign by name, slogan, promo code, etc.

Here's Boosted's 'utm_name' parameter identifying the Path's campaign name, Blimps in Orbit:

Reports | UTM Campaigns

Alongside Google Analytics, the Intellum platform lets you pull data on UTM campaign parameters attached to the links your learners use to:

Register for an account

  • UTM parameters attached to links associated with user registrations can be used as a column in, or used to filter, a¬†Users report in the platform or can be queried through the Users table in BigQuery

and/or Enroll in learning content

  • UTM parameters attached to links associated with user enrollments can be used as a column in, or used to filter, all Enrollment¬†reports in the platform or can be queried through the Enrollments table in BigQuery

Heads Up!

UTM Campaign data is available for use in User Enrollments, Activity Enrollments, and Page, Path, and Collection Enrollments reports

Google | UTM Campaign Resources

Adding UTM campaign parameters to Intellum Action Links, Enrollment links, or other platform URLs can help you dig deeper into learner engagement data through Google Analytics. Use the following resources to get started.

Learn more about UTM Campaigns and Google Analytics:

Build a Campaign URL: