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Explore enhancements to our Tribe Mobile apps that make it easier for users to connect, share, and follow up.

Groups Listing & Navigation

  1. The Groups listing lets you quickly access a specific Group feed or the #All Groups feed. If a user is a member of only one Tribe Group, she'll be taken directly to that Group's feed.
  2. Tribe Mobile navigation now features fresh new icons. The active nav item is also now color highlighted for users.

Group Feeds

  1. Group settings are now accessible through a settings icon. Learn more about the new settings experience below.
  2. Ready to create a new post? Tap "Drop some knowledge..." to create a new Post, or tap on Poll or Q&A to ask a question and track feedback.
  3. Sort is front & center in Group feeds. Choose to sort your feeds by Top Activities or Most Recent.
  4. Bumps and comment have swapped places and we've made adding new comments even easier - simply tap "Add comment..."

Group Settings

  1. Update Tribe notifications through each Group's Settings with options to always be notified, notified when mentioned, or never be notified.
  2. You can now leave Tribe Groups; you'll be asked to confirm your choice before being removed from the Group.
  3. A listing of Group members is now visible in Group Settings. Tap an individual member in the list to access that member's Tribe profile.

Tribe Chat

  1. Start a new one-on-one or group chat with the + icon. Select a member or multiple members to start the conversation.
  2. Chat settings let you control of each individual chat's notifications and give you access to a list of users involved in the chat. Settings for Group chats also let you edit the name of the chat.
  3. Long press on your own chat message to edit or delete a post - long press on another chat member's message to add an emoji reaction.

My Profile

  1. Tap Edit to change your profile image, name, email, or add new skills.
  2. Quickly access Clear Cache and Log Out options through My Profile.

Learn more about Tribe and Tribe Chat: