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Evolve helps you build highly interactive, stylish, and responsive e-learning courses for your users.

This article covers best practices for creating content in Evolve that will render inline in the Intellum Platform.


Our proprietary integration with Evolve lets you sync courses directly to the Intellum Platform and create content in Evolve that launches just like any other activity in the Platform, providing a consistent experience across your learning content.

Things to Note:

  • Your Evolve course must be synced to the Intellum platform via our integration or uploaded as an Evolve courseware package.
  • The Use Inline Mode property must be enabled on the Publish page in Evolve.

Best Practice Guidelines

Ensure your Evolve courses are created as single pages

To render inline in Intellum, each Evolve course can only include a single page. Navigation between courses can be managed by adding each course to a path in the Intellum platform.

Remove top & side navigation bars in your Evolve theme

When an inline Evolve course launches in the Intellum platform, the platform adds its native navigation elements to the course. When added to a path, users also have access to a path outline to navigate between activities.

Follow these steps to remove top & side navigation from your Evolve theme:

  1. Navigate to the Appearance section of your course.
  2. Click Edit on your theme.
  3. Scroll to the Navigation tab.
  4. Enable the Hide Top Navigation and Hide Side Navigation toggles.

Remove any external extension pages

Remove any Evolve extensions that would navigate the user to a new page in the Evolve course - as inline Evolve courses must be single page courses.


Additional Content, Glossary, Course Assessment, Course Attainment.

Follow these steps to review extensions in Evolve:

  1. Navigate to the Extensions section of your course.
  2. Scroll to find Course Extensions.
  3. Disable or Edit the appropriate extensions.

For course assessment:

  1. If enabled, click Edit.
  2. Navigate to the Behaviour tab.
  3. Disable the Course Assessment Completed toggle.

You can use the Course Assessment Results Component to display assessment results - if needed.

For course attainment:

  1. If enabled, click Edit.
  2. Navigate to the Behaviour tab.
  3. Enable the Should Hide Summary? toggle.

Remove 'click to complete/click to close' buttons for inline      Evolve courses that will be added to Paths

Evolve courses sometimes include 'click to complete' or 'click to close' buttons at the end of a course, which mark the course complete and/or closes it.

If your Inline Evolve course will be used in a Path in Intellum, these buttons should be disabled. Inline Evolve courses that are added to a Path launch with Intellum platform navigation elements - as seen below:

If you remove a 'click to complete/close' button - ensure that the Course Attainment Extension is updated to mark the course as complete using a different component - as seen below:

Heads Up!

Be sure to assign an Evolve component as the Course Attainment Method for any courses that will require interaction tracking.
Defining a specific component prevents a learner from auto-completing an activity. Interaction data is not tracked after an activity is marked complete.

Add an Action Button for standalone Evolve courses

If the Evolve course will be delivered outside of a path,  add an Action Button component to the course - set to “Exit Exceed Course” in the Behaviour tab.

Compatible Evolve components & extensions

All Evolve components, except the Discussion component, are compatible with inline Evolve courses added to the Intellum platform.

The following Evolve Extensions can be used in inline Evolve courses:

  • Article Indicator

  • Branding

  • Certificate

    • must be used in conjunction with an Action Button component
  • Content Locking

  • Course Assessment

    • as outlined above - this must be used with the Course Assessment Results Component
  • Course Attainment

    • as outlined above - enable the Should Hide Summary? toggle to hide the Course Attainment summary page
  • Hint

  • Question Banks

  • Reflection

    • must be used in conjunction with an Action Button component
  • Resources

    • must be used in conjunction with a Links component
  • Scroll Progress

  • Stamps

  • Video Intro

Heads Up!

If you wish to create a course that feels like a multi-page course, you can create a single page course that contains triggers to show & hide content.: