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Let us know what you think about the content included in Experience by rating and reviewing articles - or reporting articles that may need correction.

You'll find the rating, review, and Report options at the top of each article in Experience.

You'll find the following options available for all articles in Experience. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Rate an Article

The platform prompts you to review an article after you've finished reading it. For a quick review of your experience, assign a rating of 1 - 5 stars. You'll be prompted to review the article after you've rated it.

Review an Article

Leave a review to share further details about your experience; your reviews are helpful to us and help to improve content for other Experience users. Reviews can be added by rating an article or clicking the Add review link.

Report an Article

Report an article to let us know if you've found an error in the article or an inconsistency between the article's content and platform functionality.

Report an issue with an article to tell us about an error or inconsistency.