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March 19

UTM Campaign Parameters | Now Supported

Add UTM Campaign Parameters to the platform links you share with learners to track specific campaign data in the platform and through Google Analytics.

Search Enrollments by Email Address

You can now search for activity Enrollments using a learner's email address - as seen below:

Fixes & Notifications

Error When Approving/Denying Waitlist Requests on Events

We fixed a bug that caused admin to receive a "This page isn't working" error when attempting to approve or deny a learner's waitlist request for an Event.

March 12

Path and Collection Navigation

We've enhanced the learner experience in Paths and Collections to give learners more context about where they are, where they've been, and where they're going. Explore new navigation features in Paths and Collections:

March 5

Locale Banners for Activities and Topics

We've added new banners to let learners know when a learning activity, or a collection of activities, is also available in their preferred language. Learn more:

Section-by-Section Assessments

Assessments feature a new Page Setup option that presents each Question Section in your assessment as an individual page to the learner. Learn more:

February 27

Tribe & Tribe Mobile Updates

For better platform alignment, we've changed the way we refer to groups of users in Tribe. Instead of 'Tribes', groups of users are now simply called 'Groups'. You'll find references updated across the Tribe Social experience.

We've also updated our Tribe Mobile apps to make it easier than ever for users to connect, share, and follow up - learn more:

February 20

Remove Activities from Paths & Paths from Collections

We've added a remove icon to the Path Associations and Collection Associations sections of activity Advanced General Properties to make it easy for you to remove an activity from any associated paths, or paths from associated collections - as seen below:

Path & Collections Associations can now be removed through Activity Properties.

February 13

New Locales now Available

The Intellum platform now supports six new language locales to help you further customize the platform and content for your learning audiences. The following locales have been added and can be enabled as needed:

  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • Greek
  • Malaysian
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish (available 2/20)

Learn more about Locales:

February 6

Zoom Integration | Add, Manage, & Launch Zoom Webinar Events

Install the Intellum Zoom integration  - now available in the Zoom app marketplace - to connect Zoom and the Intellum platform. Once connected, admin and activity facilitators can add Zoom webinar events, manage webinar enrollments, and launch live webinars - all within the platform. As for learners, A seamless registration and launch experience makes it easy for your users to enroll in - and join - Zoom webinar events through the platform.

Learn more about our integration with Zoom:

Event (Session) URL now included in Activity Event Reports

You can now add Activity Event URL as a filter or column to Activity Event reports. This addition lets you filter by data in the URL field in event properties and/or pull that data into your report as a column - as seen below:

Add Activity Event url to filter report results - or as a column to organize results

Enrollment Progress now included in Page, Path, and Collection Enrollments Reports

You can now add Progress as a filter or column to Page, Path, and Collection enrollment reports. This addition lets you filter by learner progress (out of 100) and/or pull progress data into the report as a column - as seen below:

Add Enrollment progress to filter report results - or as a column to organize results

January 23

Answer Actions added to Recommendations on Results Page

Content you recommend as an answer Action based on a user's response to an assessment question now appear in the Recommendations section on the Assessment Results page for the user - as seen below:

Admin add an answer Action to recommend content based on a user's answer - the recommendation appears on the user's results page.

Fixes & Notifications

Topic Visibility in Browse

We've updated the platform to ensure that a Topic will not be visible to a user in Browse - if the Topic:

  • contains no content
  • contains content restricted to a Group the user is not a member of

Event Import Error

We've fixed an issue that was causing admin attempting to import Events to receive an error when clicking the Import dropdown and selecting Events. You are now directed to the Bulk event import page - as expected:

Thursday | January 16

Add Captions to Video Components in Pages

You can now add .vtt caption files to Video components in pages. Captions improve accessibility for learners and help learners better engage with a video's content. Learn more:

Cancel Queued Jobs in System Log

Unrestricted Admin can now cancel reports, integration imports, or database exports through the System Log. Access the Queued tab to find the job, click Cancel, and confirm to remove the job.

Level Gold now Visible to Users

Alongside awards and Level XP, Activities that award Level Gold now feature an icon to give users a heads up that Level Gold can be earned for completing the activity. Users can hover over the icon to see the amount of Gold awarded for completing the activity.

Fixes & Notifications

Retain Learner Progress in E-learning Courses

We've updated the platform to ensure that a learner's progress in an E-learning course can be retained if/when an updated or new version of the course is uploaded by an admin.

When you upload a new courseware package, you are given the option to reset all enrolled learners progress. Leave the box unchecked to retain an enrolled learner's progress.