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Courseware packages like SCORM and AICC are designed to track a learner's specific interactions with an e-learning course's assessments and content elements. The Intellum platform gives you the option to save learners' interaction data from a SCORM or AICC course and follow up to query that interaction data through our reporting tool.

This article gives an overview of the Save Activity Interactions property for SCORM and AICC e-learning packages and follows up with an outline of the activity interaction data that can be queried through Reports.

Things to Note:

  • Sometimes users close the Intellum activity page from which the courseware was launched, preventing the tracking of progress or completion of the courseware
  • Some browser extensions can prevent/degrade communication between the courseware and the Intellum platform

Save Activity Interactions

The Save Activity Interactions property is can be enabled through the Properties page of e-learning activities.

When enabled for a SCORM or AICC e-learning course, the platform immediately begins keeping a log of a learner's interactions with elements built into the course.

Heads Up!

If you use the Evolve Authoring to develop courseware, we recommend publishing in an Evolve native format. Evolve SCORM courses do not support activity interaction tracking in Intellum. Learn more about Evolve...

Reviewing Activity Interaction Data

You can review saved activity interaction data for your e-learning courses by creating a custom SCORM/AICC Interactions report using the platform's reporting tool.

  1. Navigate to Reports in the admin navigation panel.
  2. Click the New Report button.
  3. Select SCORM/AICC Interactions as the report Type.
  4. Click Create.

Use the SCORM/AICC Report Query to build a custom report with filters to pull data for saved Activity Interactions for your e-learning courses. Include Activity, User, or Enrollment filters to further scope the data in the report.

Activity Interaction Filters

Here's an overview of the Activity Interaction filters available for query building and a short description of the data provided by each:

  • Activity Interactions ID
    • An ID assigned to each learners' activity interaction
  • Activity Interactions Time
    • A date/timestamp of when the user initiated interaction
  • Activity Interactions Question ID
    • An ID assigned to assessment questions in the courseware
  • Activity Interactions Question Type
    • A log of the assessment question type - as defined in the courseware (i.e. multiple choice, true/false, etc.)
  • Activity Interactions Student Response
    • The learner's answer to an assessment question
  • Activity Interactions Correct Responses
    • The correct response to an assessment question - as defined in the courseware
  • Activity Interactions Result
    • The outcome of the interaction - based on the learner's response (i.e correct, wrong, etc.)
  • Activity Interactions Objectives
    • pending description
  • Activity Interactions Latency
    • A log of the interaction time
  • Activity Interactions Weighting
    • pending description
  • Activity Interactions Created At
    • pending description
  • Activity Interactions Updated At
    • pending description

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