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Intellum lets you customize the registration and log in process for each organization in your account. Customize the way a user registers and logs in while ensuring you have the information you need to create an engaging, personalized learning experience for each audience.

In this article, you’ll learn how to access the Registration & Login Settings of an organization and get an overview of the settings available that let you customize the registration and log in process for that organization.

Access registration & login settings

Unrestricted Admin access Registration & Login Settings for an organization through account Settings.

  1. Navigate to Settings in the expanded admin navigation.

  2. Expand the Organizations tab in Settings.

  3. Select an organization from the list.

  4. Click on the Registration & Login tab.

Registration settings

Registration Settings control the self-registrations settings for an organization, including the option to enable self-registration, set a Registration Code, or present users with a Terms of Service after registration.

Here’s a breakdown of the options available in Registration Settings:

Allow self-registration:

Self-Registration opens account creation to your audiences. Self-registration can only be set up on the Default organization or on organizations that use a subdomain.

Heads Up!

The self-registration form seen by learners is driven by the User Profile Settings enabled from your account's Settings. Unrestricted admin can edit and update the fields used in the self-registration form through account Settings - as seen below:

Control which fields appear in your self-registration form through User Profile Settings within your account Settings.

To allow self-registration for an organization, follow these steps:

  1. Enable Allow users to self register from the login page to

  2. The self-registration setup options open.

  3. Add the following information - as needed (see descriptions below):

Registration Instructions
Registration Hero Image
Login Domains
Registration Code
Welcome Letter
Terms of Service (TOS)

   4. Click Save Changes to enable self-registration for the organization.

Self-registration branding:

Customize your organizations' registration pages with imagery, information, or instructions
    • Add information or instructions for learners to the registration page. Supports HTML formatting, can be left blank.
    • Upload a custom hero image to the registration page.

Self-registration options:

    • add a list of approved email domains to limit registration to users from those domains (e.g. Can be left blank.
    • Users enter a unique code to be able to create a new account. Add multiple codes to this field by using a comma to separate each code - no spaces needed (i.e. code1,code2,code3,code4).
    • Choose from the Letters you’ve created in the platform to send an email to a user when she creates a new account.
    • Add a TOS that a user must accept on first login. You can set one TOS per organization - but a TOS can be added for each user language you support. Adding a new, or updating an existing, TOS forces users to accept the new TOS.

Learn more about Account Settings:

Add or update a Terms of Service

  1. Click the Add a TOS button.

  2. Name the TOS.

  3. Select a Language for the TOS.

  4. Add your verbiage to the Terms of Service Agreement field.

  5. Toggle the Activate box when you are ready for the TOS to go live.

Login settings

Login Settings control the methods of authentication available to users for login.

    • Password authentication is the default option set on organizations. You can also allow users to register or login with a Google, Facebook, or Twitter account. You can enable one or more to add each option to the login window for users.

Heads Up!

Contact your customer success manager or an Intellum representative to learn more about enabling Authentication Option.

    • Use the slider to select a password strength for user log in. Choices range from Very Weak to Very Strong, and are based on the algorithmic password strength estimator zxcvbn.

Enable the following settings to further customize the login experience:

  • Provide Users with the Ability to Reset…Check this box to allow users to reset their password from the login page.
  • Disable User Login…Add an additional level of security by disabling the user's login for 1 hour after they've tried to unsuccessfully login 7 times within a 10 minute timeframe.
  • Force Users to Select a Timezone…Makes timezone selection required for all users in the organization.
  • Login Widget: Add an Intellum login box to your pages by copying & pasting the iframe code from this field.
  • Custom Login URL: Add a web address to create a custom redirect for any unauthenticated user who is unable to log in to the organization. If Public Activities are enabled in your account, unauthenticated users will instead be directed to the organization’s public landing page.
  • Log Out URL: Points users to a specific web address when they log out of the platform.

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