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We've built the Discover Tab so that you can leverage the content to support your internal content strategy initiatives. However, we know there may be times you need to customize the content to align more closely with your initiatives.

This article provides an overview of copying paths from the Discover Tab into your Intellum account.

Copy a Path from the Discover Tab

To copy content from the Discover Tab, switch to Learner View and navigate to the Discover Tab inside of your catalog.

Follow these steps to copy a path from the Discover Tab:

  1. Find a course you’d like to copy into your catalog.
  2. Click on the three dots next to More:

    3. Click Create Copy to create a copy of the path in your account.

Once the path is available in your account, you can change the path’s contents, branding, and description. You can also opt to “Include Activity in Browse” and give the path a topic, if you’d like to include the activity in your catalog.

Heads Up!

If you ever remove the Discover Tab from your navigation, the paths you’ve copied from the Discover Tab will be unavailable for your users.

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