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At Intellum, we believe that it's possible to learn the skills you need to be successful using freely-available content online. In 2018, we launched a platform that allowed people to do just that, which we called Catcat. The Catcat project leverages the best curated online content to help people develop their skills. Paths in the catalog are curated by experts, professors, authors, and Catcat team members. Anyone can curate on Catcat, and we encourage people to share their expertise with the world by building paths on Catcat.

This video introduces the incredible, free content library called Catcat that lives in the Discover Tab.


Take a look around! We'd love to know what you think -- and be sure to sign up as a curator and contribute to the community. We've partnered with organizations like the Atlanta Mission and Wellspring Living to bring this curated content to their clients -- helping real people level up in their skills and careers. Your contributions can make the difference in someone's life!

The Discover Tab

Since the launch of Catcat, we've worked with subject matter experts to bring the best curated content to our clients inside the Intellum Platform with a tool called the Discover Tab.

Topic experts review all of the content that’s submitted on Catcat, and the best paths are featured for our clients in the Discover Tab. Not all Catcat paths are featured in the Discover Tab -- only the best ones that meet our stringent guidelines and criteria, which include currency, relevance, and authority.

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Each quarter, the Catcat/Discover Tab team focuses on a new content initiative to help people build the skills they need to be successful at work.