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The Intellum Platform provides all of the tools you need to create, present, manage, track and improve highly-personalized learning experiences for customers, partners and even employees.

Personalized Learning

Imagery, content organization, learning activity recommendations and language settings are based on attributes associated with the individual learner, making the experience of logging into the learning environment highly personal.

Ultra-Modern Design

Most learners have experienced bloated, clunky enterprise learning solutions that are not exciting or inspiring. The Intellum Platform leverages a modern, consumer software-like design that instantly feels familiar and drives learner engagement.

Intuitive Learner Journey

Learners have a choice between a directed and discoverable learning experience. Plan allows learners to quickly view due dates, recommendations, content they’ve been enrolled in and historical completions. The catalog home page encourages learners to search for and explore content by keyword or category inclusion. Either way, learners are empowered to identify and consume the content they need when they need it.

Open Asset

Documents. Spreadsheets. Images. Videos. Podcasts. Links. Assessments. Surveys. Our open asset approach to content gives you the flexibility to mix-and-match a wide variety of file types and make any asset a trackable, reportable learning activity.

Want to build your own content? Intellum’s Pages make it possible to rapidly create and deploy content directly in the platform. Our streamlined approach to content creation lowers your production investment while still giving learners highly-engaging content with components like text, images, videos and assessments.

The best part? There’s no more need for SCORM.

Mobile Learning

Learners can choose to access your learning environment, in its entirety, from their mobile browser or the new, stand-alone native iOS or Android mobile learning applications. With native apps come mobile notification reminders, a powerful way to stay in front of your learners.

Opportunities to Participate

Learners look for opportunities to communicate and collaborate socially. Rating, commenting on, and replying to comments at both the activity and path level gives the learner the sense that they are surfacing content and helping to improve the learning environment.

We’ve also integrated social engagement more seamlessly into the learning environment, encouraging learners to stay in the platform longer and interact more with the content, and each other. Learners can chat one-on-one with their peers, participate in a conversation about a specific learning activity...all without ever leaving the platform.

Awards and Badges

Learners respond when offered the ability to demonstrate what they are consuming and what they have accomplished within the learning environment. Earning badges or awards, and sharing them on social media, gives learners a reason to continue coming back into the platform.

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