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Assessments help ensure your content sticks with users. You can quiz users with graded questions to follow up on retention - or check in with manually graded questions to help assess understanding. Our built-in assessment tool lets you easily build standard assessments, evaluations, and surveys.

This article provides an overview of the available assessment Types in the platform.

Accessing Assessments

You create new, or access existing assessments through the Content list, accessible in the admin nav panel.

Search the content list to find an assessment. Use the Type filter to narrow the your content list to only include assessment activities.

Assessment Types

When you create a new assessment, you'll be asked to select an assessment type. Find a breakdown of each assessment type below:

When you select Activities > New > Assessment, you'll see this modal.


This assessment type is the one used most commonly and is most closely associated with traditional automatically-graded assessments. You're probably familiar with this type of assessment -- if you were giving a standardized test, you'd use the Assessment type.

Facilitated Assessment

If you're planning on including questions in your assessment that require manual grading (like short and long answer questions), then this assessment type is for you. Or, if you'd like to assign someone as the facilitator for your assessment, you'd also use this type. We'll talk about facilitators a bit later in this course.


A Survey is an ungraded assessment type, where there are no right or wrong answers; these are great for gauging learners' opinions and gathering feedback on content and programs.


If you'd like to evaluate someone's performance, then an Evaluation Assessment type is the one you'd select here. Evaluation Assessments allow a facilitator to review someone's performance, like in an observation. Some of our clients are using these to evaluate the performance of their employees, contractors, and staff.

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