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December 16

Warning Message added to Scheduled Activity Property

The platform now displays a warning message if the Scheduled Activity [Allow Events] property is disabled on an activity. Admin will now see the following warning in the platform:

SEO Meta Description Tag | UI Field Update

For continuity across the platform, the meta description tag used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is now pulled from the Summary field of activities.

Edit Query after Report Time Out

We've updated the platform to ensure you have access to edit the query in large reports that may time out due to their size - as seen in the error below:

Admin can now edit the query and column options to make the report smaller. The error will persist until the report is small enough to run successfully.

Update to Group 'Contains' Filter

We've updated the platform to ensure that the Group 'contains' filter available in Group queries and reports returns accurate results for each filter option.

We've updated the platform to make the social links fields in user profiles accessible for user reporting, user integrations, and bulk user imports. You can now include a user's Twitter handle, LinkedIn URL, or Website URL when pulling reports, setting up integrations, or processing bulk user imports.

Fixes & Notifications

Update | HTML in Pages

We are working to update the way HTML is added/edited in Pages to ensure you the best possible user experience. We are moving away from adding HTML to a text component, to building in a new HTML-specific component.

For now, we have removed the HTML Embed Code Editor from text components; meaning, you will no longer see the < &gt; HTML icon appear when creating, or editing, a text component in a Page.

December 9

HTML in Pages

We've made Pages even more flexible by adding an HTML/markdown editor. When you add a text component to a Page, you'll now see an HTML icon < > appear to the left of the component. Click the < > icon to launch the HTML Embed Code Editor.

The editor opens to let you format content using HTML or markdown, and preview your component before saving it to the Page - as seen below:

Adding HTML to an existing text component using the new HTML editor.

December 2

Intellum App for Salesforce

We've updated the Intellum App for Salesforce to sync even more data from your Intellum account into the Salesforce platform. Install the Intellum App to be able to review and report on User, Activity, and Enrollment data from your learning environment alongside other business metrics you track in Salesforce.

Learn more about the Intellum App for Salesforce:

November 18

Mark [Pages] as Complete | Page Properties

We've added the Mark as Complete property to Pages to make them an even more flexible solution for content delivery. Use Mark as Complete to let users indicate when they've completed the content on a Page.

The 'Mark as Complete' property can now be enabled on Pages

Enabling Mark as Complete for Pages also optimizes them for connecting Events - now users can enroll in, and launch and/or attend, an event connected to a page before marking the page complete.

A user clicks the Mark as complete button to indicate that she has completed the Page content

October 21

Update to Scheduled Activities and Event Enrollments

We've updated the workflow for event enrollments if the Allow Events property of a connected scheduled activity is disabled. Now, when you disable the Allow Events property of a scheduled activity, you will find the event enrollments remain connected and accessible through the Participants tab of the associated events.

Event enrollments remain connected to the event when a scheduled activity's Allow Events property is disabled.

Platform Notification for Large Reports

If you run a report in the platform that is too large to preview within the platform, you will now receive the following notification:

Fixes | Notifications

Activity Cover Art for Link Components in Pages

We've fixed an issue that was preventing activity cover art for certain link components in Pages to appear. Now, when you add a link component to a page, the associated activity cover art for that link - if available - will also appear, alongside the link title and summary - as seen below:

October 14

New 'Blank State' Design for Home Pages with No Activities

We've updated the user experience of  Catalog Home Pages when there are no activities currently available to a learner. We've added a new blank state for your Catalog Home pages when a user returns to the Home page with no activities assigned - or accessible - to her through Catalog Home rows. If a Catalog Home Page features a hero image, the hero image will also be included.

The new 'blank state' Home Page.

The color included in blank state backgrounds is controlled through the Organization Color property in the Look & Feel settings of an organization.

October 7

Completion Notification Setting added to All Activity Types

The Completion Notification property has been added to all activity types in the platform; including Paths and Collections - for any content that's more informational than instructional - like Knowledge Base articles, demo videos, or linked resources. Enabling the Completion Notification property on an activity will remove the following components from the activity page:

The Plan icon
The enrollment banner
The completion banner
The mini completion toast

With the Completion Notification property enabled, users will not see any enrollment or completion components.

Standardized City field in Event Properties

The City field in Event Properties now uses standardized city data - helping you quickly, easily, and uniformly add this information to the events you, Admin, or Activity Facilitators create. Start typing in Search and the field auto-populates with options. Select the correct city from the list to add it to the field.

Use the searchable City field in Event properties to add standardized city data to events.

Fixes & Notifications

Closed Events Visibility for Users

We've fixed a bug that was causing Events with a Closed status to be visible to users enrolled in those events via My Events, My Recommendations, or My Requirements. The platform has been updated to ensure events with a Closed status are no longer visible to users.

Event Facilitator Enrollments

We've fixed a bug that was not allowing Event Facilitators to enroll users in events, unless at least one enrollment already existed for the event. The platform has been updated to ensure your Event Facilitators have immediate access to enroll users.

September 30

New Assessment Property | Show Category Results

We've added a Property to assessments that gives you control of the visibility of Category Results for learners. When displayed, Category Results show the learner how well they performed on questions - broken down by question pool. The Show Category Results property can be enabled for any assessment in your catalog.

Enable the Category Results property to show learners how they performed - broken down by question pool.

Topic Sections Reflected in Activity Properties

To help you differentiate between similarly named topics when adding a topic to an activity, Topic Section information - if available - is now included with each topic listed in the Add Topic form in activity Properties - as seen below:

Events | Platform Updates

Events Icon in Admin View

We've updated the Events icon in the Admin navigation for consistency in the admin user experience. Events are now represented by the same icon in both Learner and Admin view - as seen below:

The Events icon in Learner view and Admin view

Updated Events References - Bulk Event Imports & System Log

We've updated the sample file linked to bulk event imports. The file name and all columns related to events have been updated for consistency in referencing Events.

Updated references in the Bulk Event Import sample file

The System Log has been updated to display 'Event Import' when new events are created via integration.

Updated reference to Event creation via Integration in the System Log

Connect a Survey to a Page Activity

We've updated the way Surveys are connected to Page activities to optimize your ability to capture feedback after an activity has been completed. You'll now find the Survey property within the Advanced Properties of Page activities - just like other activities in the platform.

When you connect a Survey to a Page, the survey is made available to a user immediately after she completes the Page - without a page refresh.