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A Topic Content Section gives you space on the homepage to highlight the learning content within your Topics. You can add a topic content section for any active Topic in your account - giving learners quick access to the content within.

This article covers adding a topic content section to the Home Sections Layout of an Organization and setting section properties to control which activities are included in the section for learners.

Adding a Topic Content Section

Topic content sections can be added to the homepage of any Organization via Account Settings>Organization>Home Layout Settings.

  1. Navigate to the Home Layout Settings of an Organization.
  2. In the Home Sections Layout section, click the Add Section button.
  3. Click the Add button on the topic section.

    4. Search for and select the topic that you'd like to add as a section.

    5. Set other Home Sections properties - including display options and, if                needed, restricting the section's visibility.

    6. Click Save to create the topic content section.

Explore Home Sections Properties:

Configuring a Topic Content Section

After saving, the topic section is added to the Home Sections Layout of the Organization.

A Topic Content Section added to the Home Sections Layout

Once added to the Home Sections Layout, you can access and edit section properties via the gear icon. Use the X icon to remove the section.

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