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Homepages set the tone for your learners’ experience in the Intellum Platform. Each Organization you add can feature a branded and tailored homepage designed to engage a specific audience with specific content.

This article covers the Home Layout Settings for Organizations and gives an overview of adding and configuring Hero Images and Home Sections to personalize homepages for your learners.

Access Home Layout Settings

To access the Home Layout Settings for an Organization, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to account Settings in the expanded navigation menu.
  2. Select an Organization from the Organizations dropdown.
  3. Click the Home Layout tab within the Organization's properties.

Home Layout Settings help you personalize the learner experience with branded imagery or graphics - and targeted content - for each audience.

Home Layout Settings can be customized using:


  • Use the Locale drop-down menu to create a custom homepage for active Locales in your account - by Organization.

Hero Images

  • Feature banner images or graphics at the top of your Organization's homepage. Hero Images can also link learners to web resources.

Home Sections Layout

  • Configure the content sections visible to learners, the content they include, and the order they appear in on the homepage.

Hero Images

You can add one or more hero images to your Organization's homepage. You can assign a URL to your hero images to give learners quick access to resources within the platform or on the web.

To add a new hero image, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add Hero Image button.
  2. Click Choose File to upload a desktop version of the image - use the recommended dimensions (2400x650px) for the best results. Upload a mobile version of the image (414x232px) to optimize for devices.

3. Add a URL if you'd like to link the hero image to a web resource.

4. Add Alt Text for the image to optimize for accessibility and search engines.

5. Click Save to add the hero image to your Organization's homepage.

Once added, use the controls with Home Layout settings to change the order of your hero images, edit the properties of each hero image, or remove hero images - as needed.

Home Sections Layout

The Home Sections Layout for a new Organization includes these default sections:

Default Home Sections include sections which reflect a learner's in-progress activities, required or recommended activities, and events they are registered to attend.

Add or remove sections to customize your Organization's homepage layout. In addition to the default sections, you can choose to add the following sections:

Followed Topics Sections

  • Adds a section for each Topic a user follows - up to 10 sections

Live & Upcoming Events

  • Adds a section for live & upcoming events - up to 12 events

> Learn more about Live & Upcoming Events Sections

Custom Banner Section

  • Adds a section of image cards that point learners to specific internal or external web resources. You can add multiple banner sections.

> Learn more about Custom Banner Sections

Topic Content Section

  • Adds a section for the content assigned to a specific Topic. You can add as many Topic sections as needed.

> Learn more about Topic Sections

Click the Add button for the section to add it to your Home Sections Layout.

Configure Home Sections

Each Home Section features a set of properties that let you customize how the content in the section is included on a homepage, like:

  • the Section Name and if it is displayed on the homepage
  • the Section Description - if needed
  • the Layout, or number of items included in the homepage section
  • the Overflow, or how additional content fits into the homepage section
  • which Groups can see the section
  • the type of user that can see the section

You can access and edit section properties via the gear icon. Use the X icon to remove a section from the Home Sections Layout.

Control the order in which the sections on your homepage appear by dragging and dropping sections within the Home Layout Sections section - as seen in the example below.

Learn about Home Sections Properties: