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Evolve is an intuitive content authoring tool designed to help you quickly develop engaging, interactive eLearning courses. Evolve's features give you control of every aspect of content creation; from course structure, to branding and delivery. By integrating Evolve with the Intellum platform, you can publish or update courses while working in Evolve - making your content development and delivery a seamless experience.

Continue reading to learn about the common Evolve course types used in the Intellum platform, how to set up an Intellum integration within Evolve, and how to publish your Evolve courses to the platform.

Evolve Course Types

While Evolve gives you a number of publishing options for content delivery, the most common Evolve course types in Intellum are:

Evolve Native

Evolve Native courses can published directly to - or exported for upload to -  Intellum in a native format that opens in-line in the platform, just like your other activities. The Evolve Native format supports full activity interaction tracking in Intellum.

Publishing options within Evolve.

Evolve SCORM

Evolve SCORM courses should be published in the SCORM 1.2 format for upload to the Intellum platform. Evolve SCORM courses function like other SCORM packages and will open in a new tab for users.

Note: Evolve SCORM courses do not support activity interaction tracking in Intellum.

Learn more about using SCORM 1.2 courses in the platform:

Evolve | Integrate with Intellum

Enable the ability to publish directly to Intellum, or to the Evolve Native format for upload to Intellum, by integrating your Intellum instance with Evolve.

Follow these steps to integrate an Intellum instance within Evolve:

  1. Log in to Evolve.
  2. Navigate to Account Settings > Preferences.
  3. Select Integrations from the sidebar.
  4. Select Exceed Instances. By default, Evolve includes a blank form to connect to your first instance - and gives you the option to add another.
  5. Evolve requires the following information for each integration:
    • Instance Name - the Intellum instance name
    • Instance URL - the Intellum instance URL.
    • API Key - the API Key from the Intellum instance.
Unrestricted admin can access the API Key by navigating to Settings > API > API Version 1 and 2

Heads Up!

You'll need the API Version 1 and 2 of your account's API Key to connect to Evolve. The API Key is accessible through account Settings.

A successful integration within Evolve.

Once you've added your instance, contact Evolve Help & Support to request that the Exceed publish options are enabled for your Evolve account.

Evolve Native | Publish to Intellum

Once your Intellum instance is successfully integrated with Evolve, you can publish your Evolve courses directly to the Intellum platform, or upload courses as new File activities in the platform.

See description of Evolve Native publishing options below.

A. Publish Directly to Intellum

You'll see a Publish option for each Intellum instance integrated in Evolve. Select Publish to add, or update, the Evolve Native course to an instance.

Intellum creates a new File activity in the platform when you publish directly from within Evolve.

B. Publish for Upload to Intellum

Select Publish Course to download the Evolve Native course package.

Create a new File activity in the platform and upload the course package.

Evolve Native | Admin Experience

The Intellum platform will recognize and tag your Evolve Native courses with a Package Type of Evolve. Once added, you have access to edit the new activity's Properties - just like the other activities in your catalog.

An Evolve Native course will reflect a Package Type of Evolve.

Interaction Tracking

Only Evolve Native courses keep track of user interactions with the learning components in your courses. Evolve SCORM courses do not support interaction tracking.

Interaction data for Evolve Native courses is available in a JSON format and can be transferred to a data warehouse, like AWS Redshift, to be queried or piped into a visualization tool like, AWS QuickSight.

An example of interaction tracking data for a Slider interaction in an Evolve course.

Evolve Native | User Experience

Users who interact with an Evolve Native course will see the course launch in-line in the platform - in the same way as other activities - as seen below:

Not having to open a new tab eliminates many of the tracking issues inherent in SCORM - like people closing tabs too early or data not being transmitted back to the platform correctly.

Learn more about Evolve: