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September 23

Bringing Community to the Learning Environment

As we previewed earlier this month, our newest release is all about building community into the platform.

In the spirit of community, we've pulled all the info together for you:

September 1

Improved Experience with Surveys in Pages

The Surveys enhancement will be available with the 10/3 release . We apologize for any confusion and appreciate your patience.

Activity Disclaimers within Learning Paths

We've updated the functionality of disclaimers in the platform for all activities with the Require Student Confirmation property enabled. Now, an activity's disclaimer will also be presented to a learner, on first access, when the activity is included in a learning path - as seen below:

September 2

Improved Experience for Comments & Add Comments to Pages

We've improved the user experience with the comments in learning activities and also added the ability to enable comments for your Page activities. Now, when a learner opens an activity with comments enabled, they will find the comments section collapsed by default. To view comments, or start a new discussion, learners click into the comments section to expand the thread or leave a new comment. The result is cleaner activity pages and an improved comment experience for your learners.

We've added the ability to enable comments on your Page activities - you'll now find the Comments property available within Page Properties - as seen below:

August 26

'Get Started' and 'Resume' buttons now sync with 'Launch Directly' setting

We've updated the platform to ensure the Get Started and Resume buttons included in Paths respect the Launch Directly Into Content settings of the Activities within the path. If the Launch Directly... setting is enabled on the first activity in a path, the learner will be taken directly to the activity content when she clicks the Get Started button. Additionally, if the learner uses the Resume button in the Path, and the next incomplete activity is set to Launch Directly..., she will be taken directly to the activity content.

With 'Launch Directly Into Content' enabled, the 'Get Started' or 'Resume' buttons now launch directly into the content

Tribe | Search for a User's Posts and Comments

The search bar in Tribe now lets you search for a particular user's posts and comments by using the @mention function in Tribe (i.e. @Will Byers) to identify the user whose content you'd like to see. The resulting search filters the Tribe stream down to only posts made by that user or comments made by the user on others' posts - as seen below:

Use the @Mention function in Tribe to search for a particular user's posts and comments.

August 19

Rich Text Editing in Activity Summaries

The platform now supports rich text editing in the Summary field of an activity's Properties. Now you can style the text in summaries using a rich text editor and html tagging. We've also added help text to the Summary field to let you know exactly when, and where, learners see an activity's summary.

Rich text editing in admin view and as seen by the learner

August 12

Topic Follow for Unauthenticated Users

Unauthenticated users now have access to the Follow button for your Topics. When an unauthenticated user clicks the Follow button for a topic in your catalog, she'll be prompted to login in or register for access.

An unauthenticated user is prompted to login or register when they click the Follow button for a Topic

August 5

Topic Code now included in Topic List View

We've updated the platform to make it easier to differentiate between the Topics included in your Topic List. If employed in your account, you will now see the Topic's Code displayed alongside the Topic's Name and the number of Activities included in the Topic - as seen below:

Topic Codes reflected in the Topic List view

Interested in creating a taxonomy for the content in your catalog? We've got a resource for that...

July 29

We've updated Links to Action Links across the admin UI to better reflect the power of the functionality to personalize the platform for your users. Taking a cue from the Actions function in Assessments, Action Links give you the ability to create immediate connections between your users, your content, your topics, and more. You will now see Action Links referenced in all areas of the platform pertaining to their use.

Action Link references across the admin UI

Fourth Quarter Added to Plan Page

The Plan page has been updated to include a fourth quarter for learning management - helping users review and prepare for the year ahead. The Plan page now displays learning slated for the current quarter as well as the upcoming three quarters.

The Plan page now includes the current quarter as well as the next 3 quarters of learning.

July 22

Updated Message for Activities that Require Authorization

We've updated the message to learners that appears on activities which require admin authorization. Now, the message more clearly instructs learners to request admin approval to gain access to the activity - as shown below:

Fixes & Notifications

API v3 | Preserve Question Section Order

We've updated v3 of our API to ensure the order of the question sections within assessments is preserved at creation or update.

July 8

Pages | Hide Completion Notification and Banner from Learners

We’ve added a new property to Pages to offer you even more flexibility in building exactly the content you need for your audiences.

The Completion Notification setting added to the Enrollment Properties of a Page removes:

  • The completion banner in the header of  a Page, as seen below:
  • All information in the header of the Page (i.e. title, descriptive info, ratings, reviews, etc.), as seen below:

...and lets your audience focus on the content at hand. The new setting makes the content you develop in Pages even more flexible in the platform - use it to create reference content, like knowledge base articles, or create a custom welcome page for your learners.

Use the Completion Notification property in Pages to hide enrollment elements and header information

Inactive Activities now Included on Topic Pages

We’ve updated the platform so that any Inactive activities assigned to a Topic are listed in the Activities tab alongside Active activities assigned to that Topic - as seen below:

You'll now find inactive activities assigned to a Topic listed in the Activities tab for that Topic.

July 1

Improved Formatting of Column Labels in Grid Question Type

We've updated the platform to better format column labels for Grid question types in assessments. Column labels are now formatted to ensure adequate space for your label, and optimum readability for learners - as seen below:

Fixes & Notifications

Update to Date Format in API Responses

We've updated the format of the dates returned in API responses. Previously, dates would be returned in Eastern Standard Time (EST); now, all dates will be returned in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and include precision dating down to 3 decimal places in seconds.

Update to Restricted Admin Permissions

We've fixed an issue that was allowing Restricted Admin - with no Activities Edit permissions -  access to edit content and settings in the Questions and Actions tabs of Assessments, and the Questions and Campaigns tabs of Surveys. Restricted Admin with no Activites Edit permissions no longer have access to these tabs.

Update to Enrollment Approval Letter

We've updated the platform-generated letter received by a learner when an enrollment request is approved by an administrator. Previously, the letter pointed learners to the catalog home page of your account. We've updated the letter to now include the Enrollment URL for the approved activity - so that learners are taken directly to the activity.

The updated letter features an "enrollment_url" dynamic variable to connect learners directly to the activity