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Level is a tool within the Intellum platform built to reinforce habit development through gamification. With Level enabled, your users earn XP (experience points) when they complete activities or specific actions in the platform - including in Tribe. Level metrics help learners measure up - and keep up - with their peers.

Level can give you even deeper insight if integrated with third-party apps, like a CRM, or other tools. The Level points system, badges, and third-party integrations are completely customizable; branding the entire Level experience for your audiences.

This article gives an overview of the learner experience in Level; including how to access Level, and how to review performance metrics in Level.

Enable Level

Level is an application that can be added to your account in the Intellum learning platform. Contact your customer success manager or an Intellum representative to learn how to add Level for your learning audiences.

Access Level

Learners access Level using the App Switcher at the top right of the screen:

Level Profiles

Learners are taken to their Level profile - the Me tab within Level. Level profiles break down performance metrics into four sections:

Learners can review their XP earned, level in the platform, and review their badges in their Level profile.


Shows a learner her total XP earned, her current level, and her current ranking amongst other learners.


Shows a learner the amount of XP needed to progress to the next level.


Aggregates the amount of XP earned. A learner can review the amount of XP she's earned - and see how she earned it.


Shows a learner the badges she's earned, and the badges that she can earn, in the platform. Clicking on a Badge lets a learner see how, and when, it was earned.

Level Metrics

Metrics let a learner review which activities awarded her XP and how much XP was earned - by month, quarter, or year. By default, metrics are aggregated by month - with the current month's metrics expanded. Learners can expand a previous month's metrics to review details or filter the list to aggregate metrics by year, quarter, or month.

Learners can review their XP earned, level in the platform, and review their badges in their Level profile.

Depending on the activities and actions configured in Level, learners will see a separate row for each defined Level interaction.

Here are a some examples of actions that can configured in Level:

  • Reviewing a learning activity
  • Posting, Commenting, or bumping Posts in Tribe
  • Activity Completions or Course credits in the Intellum platform
  •  Commits to keep track of the number of commits in GitHub
    • interactions from an third-party apps can be defined and tracked in Level - making it easy for administrators to measure performance from other applications

Level Teams

Learners can review Team metrics by clicking on the Team icon in the left navigation. Teams are created by admin and can be based around shared criteria in the Intellum platform. Set up as a leaderboard, the Team page encourages learners to compete with their peers in ranking - based on total XP earned.

Monthly data is available using the left and right arrows at the top of the page - and, just like the Metrics page, the data defaults to the current month but can be aggregated by month, quarter or year.

Team pages also let learners explore a peer's achievements or compare stats with others. Learners simply click on a peer's profile to view that person's achievements and metrics.

Level Challenges

Challenges let you define a target goal for Level users or teams, and challenge them to reach that goal within a defined time frame. When a user or team member contributes towards the goal, they'll increase their overall ranking for the challenge and move a little closer to achieving their goal.

Challenges encourage participation through shared goals, defined timeframes, and a leaderboards that keep you, your learners, and your teams motivated.

Level Notifications

The Notifications tab in the left navigation gives learners access to a chronological list of their achievements, including badges and level-ups - as seen below:

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