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Action Links let you carefully tailor the learning experience to your audience while automating a lot of the work along the way. Intellum lets Unrestricted Admin build shareable action links that can automate any, or all, of the following administrative tasks when a learner clicks a link:

  • Topic Follows
  • Activity Enrollments
  • Event Enrollments
  • Group Memberships
  • User Attributes

This article covers how to access and create action links, and gives an overview of the properties that can be assigned and the attributes that can be controlled through an action link.

Unrestricted admin will find the Action Links tab in the expanded admin navigation.

The Action Links page lists Active links by default, but can be filtered by Status (Active, Inactive) or Sorted by Name (A - Z) or Date (most recent first).

The Action Links page with status filter and sort options.

To create a custom action link, follow these steps:

  1. Click the New Action Link button.
  2. Add a descriptive Title for the new link. The title works to differentiate action links for admin.
  3. If you use multiple Organizations with customized subdomains, select the appropriate Subdomain for the new link. The subdomain should match the Organization subdomain for the link's intended audience.
  4. Add a Link Landing Page. This is where learners will be directed when they follow an action link. The page must be accessible to learners. If left blank, learners will be directed to your default landing page.
  5. Set the Link Availability to make the link accessible after a specific date, before a specific date, or within a specific timeframe.
  6. Click Create.
The Properties page for a new action link with access to a Log of learner interaction


Boosted manager Jesse Webb has been looking for ways to get new members of the Content Strategy team onboarded, and engaged, with Boosted's mission, vision, and goals - as quickly as possible.

We'll use Jesse's request to explain how an action link can work to personalize the learning experience for your audiences; from the Organization they belong to, to the learning content they have access to - including by Locale.

Once created, you can configure each action link's Properties. The link's Properties let you control the actions triggered when a learner follows the link. Alongside editing the information you added in previous steps, you now have access to:

  • Duplicate or Delete the link
  • View a Log of user interactions with the link
  • Copy the link's URL to your Clipboard for sharing
  • Add Topics that will be followed when a learner clicks the link
  • Add Activities that a learner will be enrolled in when she clicks the link
  • Add Groups that a learner will be assigned to when she clicks the link
  • Automatically define User Attributes when a learner clicks the link


Click the Add Topic button to automatically subscribe the learner to one, or more, topics in your account:


For new Content Strategy team members, we can set up an automatic topic follow for Boosted's Introduction to Lunar Advertising topic - and set a 90 day expiration period - to make sure they get the info they need, plus any new content that is added in their first 3 months.


Click the Add Activity button to auto-enroll learners who use the action link into one, or more, learning activities.


We can set up an activity enrollment to automatically enroll new team members in Boosted's new hire onboarding Path - Get Boosted!


Click the Add Event button to auto-enroll learners who use the action link into one, or more, learning events.


We can set up an event enrollment to register users who click on the link for a live "Lunar Advertising 101" webinar hosted by Boosted.


Click the Add Group button to assign learners who use the action link to a specific group, or groups, in the platform.


We can get new Content Strategy team members engaged with content for their team by automatically adding them to the Content Strategy group in the platform.


Click the Add User Attribute button to automatically define user attributes for a learner when she follows the action link.

You can update/edit a user's Organization, Locale, Manager, Position, and more using an action link.


We can add a user attribute that connects Jesse to her new team members by automatically defining the Manager attribute in their user accounts.

Once configured, your action link is ready to be shared with leaners. Simply copy the URL from the new link's Properties page.

Note: An existing user's group memberships and user attributes will be updated when/if they follow an action link with those properties configured.

Each Action Link you create comes along with a log of user interactions with that link.

To review the log for an action link, click on a link to open its Properties and select the Log tab at the top of the page.

Each action link's log tell you:

  • Which user clicked the link
  • The referral URL the user came from
  • The date the user clicked the link

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