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Connecting a Stripe account to the Intellum platform lets you process payments from your audiences through Stripe to grant learners access to your activities. E-commerce options for activities let you set a price for access to an activity as well as a set a date for when that access will expire.

This article walks you through enabling e-commerce options for an activity, setting a purchase price for activity access, and defining an expiration date when activity access expires.

Enable e-commerce options

Follow these enable e-commerce options for an activity:

  1. Click on the Properties tab of the activity you wish to make available for purchase.
  2. Scroll to find the the E-commerce option found in the Enrollment properties tab.
  3. Enable the property to set up E-commerce options for the activity:
    • Set the activity price in U.S. Dollars (e.g. $25.00)
    • Set the number of days before learner access expires (e.g. 90)

Heads Up!

Adding E-commerce options to an activity will clear all existing Group Restrictions for the activity, if any exist.
Removing E-commerce options from an activity will remove any Group Memberships that included access to the activity.

When learners access the activity through the catalog or through a shared link, they'll find the Pay with Card option available for access to the activity.

Learner view of an activity with E-commerce options enabled

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