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It can be hard to put a price on a truly engaging learning experience, but we have a solution for the times you need to. Connecting a Stripe account to the Intellum platform lets you process payments from your audiences through Stripe to grant learners access to your activities. You can use E-commerce options in Intellum to offer:

  • access to individual learning activities with purchase
  • one-time purchase memberships (with expiration) for access to content
  • subscription memberships (monthly/yearly) for access to content
  • purchase of bulk - or team - memberships for access to content

This article covers the platform setup required to enable E-commerce options using Stripe, authorizing Intellum with a Stripe account, and enabling purchases for Activity access and Group membership in the platform; you’ll also get an overview of the learner’s experience with purchasing in the platform.

Platform Setup

Intellum integrates with Stripe to allow learners to purchase access to specific learning activities or learning content with a group membership. Unrestricted Admin connect a Stripe account to the platform through the Apps tab in your account Settings. To allow purchases in the platform using Stripe, here’s what you’ll need:

  • The Allow course purchases feature must be enabled on your Intellum account.
    • Contact your customer success manager or an Intellum representative and ask to enable E-commerce options.
  • A verified Stripe account.

Admin Experience | Connect Stripe to Intellum

To connect your Stripe account to Intellum, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab in the expanded Admin menu.
  2. Select the Apps tab in the Account menu.
  3. Begin E-commerce setup by entering an email address that learners can use for billing questions in the E-commerce field.
Enter an email address for any billing questions

4. Once a support email is added, the Connect a Stripe Account button is               made available.

After adding a support email for billing questions, click the Connect button to begin authorizations

5. Click Connect a Stripe Account to begin authorization.

  • If you're already signed in to Stripe... you'll be asked to authorize Intellum.
  • If you're not signed in to'll be asked to sign in before authorizing Intellum.

When prompted by Stripe, click Authorize access to this account to authorize Intellum with your Stripe account. You're sent back to Intellum and your Stripe account is now connected.

A connected Stripe account in the platform

You can now make learning activities or group memberships available for purchase.

Set Up E-Commerce for Activities

E-commerce options for activities let you set a price for access to the activity as well as an expiration date for that access.

Setting E-commerce options through an Activity's Properties

To set up E-commerce options for an activity, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Activities tab.
  2. Find and access the activity you will make available for purchase.
  3. Click on the Properties tab for the activity.
  4. Find the E-commerce options within the Catalog Properties section.

5. Select Require this course to be purchased from the catalog to begin                setting up E-commerce options for the activity.

  • Set the activity price in U.S. Dollars (e.g. 125.00)
  • Set the number of days before learner access expires (e.g. 90)

6. Click Save Changes to save the E-commerce options for this activity.


  • Adding E-commerce options to an activity will clear all existing Group Restrictions for the activity, if any exist.
  • Removing E-commerce options from an activity will remove any Group Memberships that included access to the activity.

When learners access the activity through the catalog or through a shared link, they'll find the Pay with Card option available for access to the activity.

Learner view of an activity with E-commerce options enabled

Set up E-Commerce for Groups

E-commerce options for Groups let you offer subscription memberships to learning content using Groups in the platform. You can offer subscription memberships for a specific period of time or available on a renewing basis.

Setting group E-commerce options helps you control, and grant, access to the content in your catalog by requiring learners to purchase a group membership to gain access to learning content.

Note: E-commerce options can only be enabled when a group is created. Existing groups cannot be converted into purchase group and once created, purchase groups cannot be converted into non-purchase groups.

To set up a purchase group, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Groups tab.
  2. Click Create New Group.
  3. Complete the Group Properties section.

Select a Purchase Type

4. Select a Purchase Type and set the E-commerce options (e.g. Price,                    Expiration, Renewal).

  • None: the default setting for all groups
  • One-Time: a one-time charge for group membership
    • Set a price in U.S. Dollars (e.g. 125.00)
    • Set expiration in number of days - if needed (e.g. 90)
  • Subscription: a monthly or yearly charge for group membership.
    • Set a price in U.S. Dollars (e.g. 125.00)
    • Choose an automatic renewal schedule (e.g. Monthly/Yearly)

5. Click Create to save your group. Once created, a Purchase URL  for the group is made available.

Note: once saved, the Purchase Type of a Group cannot be changed or removed.

Share a Purchase URL with users to let them subscribe for access to you learning content.

Learner view when purchasing a subscription membership

Team Purchases

The platform supports bulk purchases of one-time and subscription memberships. Team Purchases gives a user the option to purchase multiple memberships and process one payment for the total amount.

Once a payment is processed, the user receives a shareable URL containing a redemption code that can be sent to others to grant them access - up to the number of memberships purchased. The user who made the purchase can also choose to redeem a purchased membership for access - as seen below:

Assistance with Stripe