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Pages help you develop holistic, engaging content by empowering you to add, curate, and blend components to create a single learning activity.

In this article, you'll learn how to create a page and how components are added to a page. We'll also cover file size limitations for components and how to move them within a page.

Create a page

  1. Navigate to Content in the admin nav panel.
  2. Click + New and choose Page.
  3. Give your new page a Title.
  4. Assign the page to the appropriate Locale - if needed.
  5. Use the Scheduled Activity setting to enable live events - if needed.
  6. Click Create.

Add page components

A page starts out as a blank slate, with a single plus-sign icon at the top. When you start work on a new page or add a new component to a page, you can do the following:

A new Page with no content or components added.

1.) Start typing. Begin typing in the space provided to add a Text component.

2.) Click the + icon. Select from the following components to add them to a page:

  • Photo

  • Video

  • Link

  • File (PDF, MP3, eLearning, etc.)

  • HTML

To insert a new component on the page, click on an existing component and hit the Enter/Return key, this adds a new line with the + icon - ready for your next component.

Page components - file size limitations

While there is no limit to the amount of text or number of post components that can be added to a page, the following file size limits apply to photo, video, and file components added to a page:

  • Photo components: 10MB
  • Video components: 3GB
  • Other File components: 10MB

Move page components

Photo, Video, Link, File, and HTML components can be moved within a page by clicking on the component and dragging it to a new location.

Bulk publish content

If you've finished working on multiple pages, you can bulk publish your work to save time. In addition, you are also able to publish multiple paths and collections with this feature.

Note: Bulk publishing is available for accounts with versioning enabled.

To bulk publish, head over to the Content tab within the Admin dashboard. Select the content you'd like to bulk publish by clicking the check box next to each page title.

If you'd like to publish all pages in your activities list, you can click the master checkbox next to the Name column title.

Heads Up!

To bulk publish specific pages, use filters to populate the pages you'd like to publish.

Next, you'll need to confirm that you would like to bulk publish. If you change your mind, you can click the Cancel button at any time.

Once you've clicked Publish, the publishing job will be queued — you can check the status of the job within the System Log > Queued menu.

Once your content has been successfully published, you'll receive an email to confirm. This email will include a summary of the activities that successfully published, as well as those that failed.

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