Activities are the individual units of learning that comprise the Intellum Platform. They offer a flexible range of options for presenting learning collateral that you can access and track in the system. You can read the content of an activity, watch or listen to it, take an assessment, be linked to somewhere outside the system, download a file, or take an eLearning course, all within the context of an activity.

Activities can be grouped together in a Path, or curriculum. One or more Paths may be combined together into a Collection.

Activities are represented by cards or viewable in a list, and can be accessed via each of the four major pages in the system:

  • Home
  • Browse
  • Discover
  • Plan

When you click on an activity to access it, you are taken to that activity's page. Depending on the type of activity you've accessed, the Activity page will look different. On the Activity page, you will see all of the pertinent information associated with the activity.

Rating and Reviewing Activities

If the functionality is enabled in your account, you may rate and review an activity once it is completed. A "Review this Activity" tooltip will appear at the top of the page pointing to the "review stars." Click on the number of stars you would like to rate the activity (1-5 stars). A "Reviews" pop-up will display, allowing you to enter your review text. Click the blue Submit button when you're done!


You may edit or delete your review after submission by clicking the links next to your review.

Commenting on Activities

Adding a comment to an activity is easy. From the Activity page, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page, enter your comment in the Comments area and click the blue Comment button:


Once entered, you may edit or delete your comment by using the links next to it. You can reply or like other students' comments as well. Comments may be sorted by "Most Liked" or "Most Recent" by using the dropdown at the top right of the Comments area.If the activity being accessed is a

Activity Card Icons

You may notice the following icons featured on the activity cards for the learning content you elect or are assigned, here's a quick visual breakdown of what each icon means:


Favorite an Activity

Any activity can be favorited by accessing its Activity page. At the top left of the screen, click the "heart" icon and it will turn blue to signify that the activity is now one of your favorites. Clicking the heart icon again will remove the activity as a favorite.


It's easy to view favorited activities from the navigation menu via the Favorites link.


The Path page gives you an introduction to the Path and its sections, shows you the overall structure of the Path - comprised of individual activities - and features a Get Started button to let you immediately jump into learning:

PathRedesign.2019-06-12 14_33_39.gif

You'll find a breadcrumb at the top of each Path that takes you back to the main Path page. Path navigation can be found in the drawer on the right and gives you an indexed view of all the activities in the Path; letting you focus on and interact with the content in front of you and open/close the Path navigation menu only when you need to.


Finally, if the activity being accessed is a Collection, you will see the Collection page which shows all of the Paths contained within the Collection as cards: