One of our in-house slogans at Intellum is "Make it Awesome." That's why, alongside the standard data we track for your users and activities, we also give you the ability to include your own customized data, giving you the freedom to further tailor your users’ experience got it...make it awesome.

The Intellum platform eases the process of helping you define the Custom Fields for Users, Activities and Activity sessions. Once created, Custom Fields can be populated through the platform or via platform integration. The data from Custom Fields can even be reported through the custom reports functionality. Unrestricted Administrators are able to create, edit, and maintain custom fields through the Settings tab in the left navigation menu.

This article covers adding a Custom Field and defining the Custom Field details and type.


Unrestricted Administrators can add, edit, and manage Custom Fields through the Settings tab in the expanded left navigation menu.

On the Custom Fields page, you'll see the three tabs which give you access to admin-definable Custom Fields for Users, Activities, and Activity Sessions. Each tab has enough properties to define 10 unique Custom Fields. Once added, custom fields appear within the Custom section within User, Activity, and Session Properties.

  1. To add a Custom Field, select the first unused field in the appropriate section. The dropdown field to the right allows you to select one of the following field types:

    • Inactive Default setting for all Custom Fields.
    • Text field Adds a blank text entry field.
    • Check box - Adds a checkbox that can be selected or deselected.
    • Drop down - Adds a drop-down menu with options defined using comma-separated values.
    • Radio buttons - Adds radio buttons with options defined using comma-separated values.
  2. Once you've selected a field type, you can give the field a name and define any comma-separated values for the field.

  3. Click the Save Changes button when done editing fields.


Here's an example of the Drop down and Check box Field Types defined within the Users tab:


And here's how those fields look on the User Properties page:


Now that these Custom Fields are part of the User record, their data becomes part of the rest of the User data and can be reported on via the different custom reports that can query User data. Custom Field data for Activities and sessions work the same way.