What if you could surface recommended learning content to learners as soon as they log in? As your catalog grows, Topic Onboarding can help you provide targeted, personalized content to your audience.

Topic Onboarding is an optional feature of the Intellum platform - to turn this on in your account please contact your Account Manager or Intellum Support.

Topic Onboarding helps your learners quickly and easily connect to the learning content that matters to them. Since Topic Onboarding is a feature based on learner input, this article gives you a look at the learner experience with Topic Onboarding enabled.


Learners go through the Topic Onboarding process when they first log into the platform. Once logged in, learners encounter a welcome message, offering them the opportunity to supercharge their learning experience. A series of Topics available to the user appears, letting the learner choose all that interest them.

TopicOnboard.2019-02-13 14_19_52.gif

When the learner clicks the Save button, all of the topics selected will be followed and content sections for each Topic are added to the homepage based on the Topics selected.