We're suckers for a good puzzle, but controlling User access and permissions can sometimes seem like a Rubik's Cube of twists, turns, and dependencies. We keep it simple for you in the Intellum Platform with straightforward User roles and customizable permissions to find the perfect solution to meet your learning management style.

In this article we'll be introducing the four User Authority roles that can be assigned to Users and give an overview of the access and permissions available to Users in each role.


Intellum helps you customize and control User access and experience with four User Authority roles. Each role comes with an associated set of permissions that help you tailor User access and permissions to fit your learning management needs.

We doubled up on the graphic below - not only does it give an overview of permissions by User Authority, but it also highlights the narrowing number of Users generally assigned in each role as access & permissions within Exceed increase.

Each Exceed account has one Account Owner. The Account Owner has unrestricted access in Exceed, as well as access to a Billing tab for account management.

Unrestricted Administrators have access to all content, information, tools, and settings in Exceed. They also have the ability to make bulk changes to content and information through the Bulk Import process. Unrestricted Administrators can also make changes to Exceed account settings.

Restricted Admin can be granted more granular permissions that let them create and/or edit Users, Reports, Activities, Events, and Enrollments -- as designated by an Unrestricted Administrator -- ranging from specified access to full access to each.

Student access lets you enroll in -- and interact act with -- learning Activities, Events, and content in Exceed, including rating & reviewing learning Activities, sharing Activities, and/or commenting on Activities. If enabled, Students can also update and maintain their User Profile. All Users in the system will see the Student view and its navigation menu. Restricted and Unrestricted Administrators will also be able to access the Admin view and its navigation menu.



All admin features of the LMS are available to Unrestricted Administrators with the exception of Billing, which can only be viewed by the Account Owner.

Some common examples of what Unrestricted Administrators are able to do are:

  • Add new Users to the LMS.
  • Edit the information on Users' profiles.
  • Edit Users' Activity enrollments.
  • Set permissions on other User accounts.
  • Create and edit Groups to organize and manage Users
  • Upload and create new Activities and Events.
  • Set and modify Activity Properties.
  • Give enrollment permissions to Restricted Administrators.
  • Require an enrollment to be to reviewed before approved.
  • Generate Reports and set access to those Reports.
  • Change Account Settings.
  • Set up or modify Branding organizations.
  • Create or edit Customs which are your custom data fields.
  • Create or edit User Positions.
  • Create or edit Topics.


Unrestricted Administrators can change a User Authority to Restricted Administrator. The permissions Restricted Administrators possess can be adjusted on an individual User basis.

IF AUTHORIZED, Restricted Administrators can do the following:

  • Manage designated students or groups.
  • Edit the information on Users' profiles.
  • Enroll students they have authority over in Activities.
  • Upload and create new Activities and/or Events.
  • Create and edit Letters.
  • View, create and edit Reports.
  • Restricted Administrators CANNOT create or edit Groups, Branding Organizations, Custom Fields, Positions, or Topics.
  • Restricted Administrators CANNOT perform Bulk Import of Events, Activities, Users or Enrollments.
  • Unrestricted Administrators can edit Restricted Administrator Permissions in the User's Properties section.


The main goal of a Student User is to enroll in Activities to take. They will also access event dates, times, and locations. Activities may have associated files that Students may view and download. If Allow User profile editing is checked in Account > Settings, Students will be able to edit their User profiles.