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Tame Your Course Chaos

Add some order into your life with shared folders in Evolve. Customize the color and name of each folder so you and your colleagues can quickly find related courses.

Once you move a course into a folder, anyone in Evolve can easily find it there.

An image that shows the Evolve course menu with a new "Pinned Courses" row. Overlaid on top is a zoomed-in image of the new Evolve folder UI.
Use custom folders to organize your Evolve courses.

Tailor Your View

Pin Folders and Courses so that they stay top of mind, and top of screen! Each Evolve user can customize their view by pinning the Folders and Courses most important to them.

Image collage that shows the Pinned Course row, over which is placed the course card for a single Evolve course, with the context menu open and the "Pin course" option highlighted.
Pin a course to keep it at the top of your view.

Get Started

Eager to stop wasting time sorting through a rat's nest of courses?

Check out the Learning Path below to learn more about Folders in Evolve!

Don't have Evolve?

Click below to learn more why Evolve is the go-to content authoring tool for companies like Meta, Amazon, MailChimp, and Gusto, making it easy to create eLearning courses, interactive educational experiences, and simulations that work seamlessly across every device and browser.