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Ensure your learners’ content is always up to date everywhere they need it with Evolve: Cloud Sync!


Scale your education initiatives like never before with an advanced content-authoring tool and learning management system that are made for each other.

Stop wasting time switching from tool to tool, chasing edits and versions, and struggling to stay current. Cloud Sync, exclusive to Evolve and the Intellum Platform , ensures your learners’ content is always up to date, everywhere they need it.

Maximize Your Creativity
Focus on crafting exceptional courses while your work syncs seamlessly in the background. Now every course you create is automatically in the Evolve Cloud.

Elevate Your Strategy
Never chase content again. Easily keep your education initiatives relevant, with quick access to every Evolve Cloud course and at-a-glance content status indicators, so you can spend more time improving your learners’ experience and outcomes.

Keep Everything Up To Date, Everywhere
Sync content seamlessly across multiple activities and even multiple Intellum Platform instances, without ever touching a zip file.

For Content Creators

Maximize Your Creativity

Spend more time making great content.

Every course you create in Evolve is automatically added to the Evolve Cloud, making it available for Intellum Platform Admins to use to create activities.

Your content updates automatically sync to linked Intellum Platform Activities as you make them.

With Cloud Sync enabled, content updates automatically sync every 30 seconds.

Making changes that need review or buy-in? Pause Cloud Sync, so you can sync everything together, when you’re ready.

Enable or disable Cloud Sync on any course at any time with a simple toggle.

Utilize Content Everywhere

Get your best content to more learners.

Easily use Cloud Sync courses in multiple Intellum activities, even multiple Intellum Platform instances. Everything stays up to date – no zip files needed.

Using Evolve content across multiple Intellum activities or instances? Make changes once and those changes sync everywhere.

For Platform Admins

Elevate Your Strategy

Keep your education initiatives relevant.

Cloud Sync is purpose-built to deliver Evolve content directly to the Intellum Platform, giving you instant access to all Evolve content in the cloud. You can create engaging activities in seconds from any Evolve Cloud course.

Use any available Evolve Course to quickly create learning activities in the Intellum Platform.

Keep Everything Up To Date

Changes made to Evolve content sync to your Intellum Platform activities within seconds.

Activity status indicators indicate when you have updates ready to review and publish.

Updated Drafts are always ready and waiting for you to publish to learners.

Gain Visibility

See every Intellum Platform activity linked to any Evolve Cloud course.

With access to the Evolve course ID and URL in the Platform Activities report, you’ll know which activities to prioritize for publishing and understand the scope of Evolve content changes on your Intellum activities and instances.

Never fly blind. Easily see every Evolve course used in every Platform activity.

Get Started!

Ready to stop wasting time managing content updates?

Check out Integrate Evolve & the Intellum Platform to learn how to connect your Evolve and Intellum Platform instances and start working in the Evolve Cloud!

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