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Evolve Product Update




See exactly how your Course will look across user devices, pinpoint active Editor comments, track statistics, and search and inspect page elements directly in Evolve Live Preview.

Improved Evolve Live Preview


Device Switcher

Preview exactly how your Course will look across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Switch quickly between different device views.

Comments Overview

Go straight to the comments that need your attention with a robust Comments Overview, including search, a Status filter, and a show/no show toggle.

Search, Element Inspect, Logic Tracking, and Course Statistics

Quick search or inspect every page element, get at-a-glance course completion progression data, and access logic parameters with a click.

Select Element, Logic Tracking, Course Tracking and Search

Get Started!

Improved Live Preview for Evolve is available now! Check out the documentation below to get started.

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Check out to learn how Intellum Evolve lets you create interactive, responsive, and HTML5 eLearning content quickly and easily, with advanced content creation tools and controls and in-platform play and launch capabilities.

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