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Reputation-Based Gamification in Community


It's finally here! Intellum's industry-leading suite of built-in, Reputation-Based Gamification capabilities are now available in Community, a part of Intellum Social!


Quickly connect with valuable subject-matter experts and high achievers and accelerate your own skill acquisition through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing with Reputation-Based Gamification in Community, a part of Intellum Social.

Learn from Your Leaders
Find Community members with the most expertise, highest achievements, and track record of engagement.

Share Knowledge, Build Skills
Get recognized for your own contributions by earning Reputation across key Skills when you ask, answer, and vote on questions.

Make It Measurable
Tie peer knowledge sharing to skills-based goals and business initiatives with quantifiable Reputation reporting across both Course and Community activity.

For Learners

Learn From Your Leaders

Easily identify Community members with the most Community Reputation, overall Skills Reputation, and highest achievements, so you can more easily connect with peers you want to learn from.

Find your most active and engaged peers for better networking and knowledge sharing with the Community Leaderboard.

Community Reputation is a measure of points earned specifically through question asking and knowledge sharing, highlighting most helpful people within your Community.

Community Reputation points are earned across Skills and added to your total Skills Reputation, as shown on your profile.

Click anyone on the Community Leaderboard to see their specific Skills, Credentials, and Challenges activity to more easily find peers with the expertise you need.

Navigate to any Community Leader's full profile to explore their areas of expertise and achievements.

Share Knowledge, Build Skills

Increase your Reputation across key Skill competencies by asking, answering or voting on Community questions.

Earn Reputation across key Skills when you engage with your Community.

Tag your questions with available Skills ...

... so you can earn Reputation across those Skills when your peers upvote or solve them.

Easily see the Skills you can build on Question and Topic pages.

For Admins

Make it Measurable

Easily find out where and how learners are earning Skills Reputation, whether through Community engagement, course content completion, or Challenges activity with the Reputation Report.

Use Source Type on the Reputation Report to see how much Skills Reputation is being earned in Course content versus Community engagement.

Control the Experience

Enable Community Reputation and the Leaderboard with a click and easily control which Community Topics do or don't award Reputation in Admin Portal.

Get Started!

Ready to recognize your learners for their knowledge contributions and tie community engagement to meaningful skills development and acquisition?

Implementation Resources

Check out Reputation-Based Gamification in Community to get started on setting it up today.

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