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General Information

This feature gives Evolve platform editors and admins the ability to transfer all defined properties for an extension that was enabled in another course into the current course.

  • Each individual extension can import all of the set properties from one selected course.

  • All copied property fields remain unlocked and can be edited.

  • Changes made to extension properties will NOT update across other courses.

Copying an Extension

  • Select a course for editing in the Evolve authoring tool.

  • Click the Extensions option (puzzle piece icon) in the menu option on the left.

  • Enable an Available Extension from the list by clicking the checkbox next to the extension name.

  • Select the extension from the Enabled Extensions and click the clipboard icon that appears next to the extension name.

  • In the slide modal that appears on the right side of the browser window, select the course name from which the extension properties should be copied.

Note: Use the search bar and/or sorting functionality in this modal to quickly locate the desired course.

  • A preview of the copied extension properties will appear in the center editing panel with a confirmation popup at the bottom of the window.

  • Click the Apply Changes button to import the extension properties.

  • All properties are now applied to the extension in the current course and able to be edited.

Note: Editing fields in the extension on the current course will not sync across other courses.