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You can make an embed code available for the Video activities shared in your public catalog. Once enabled, the code can be copied from the Share options in the learner view to embed videos from your Intellum catalog in a website, page, or post.

While this allows public, unauthenticated users to view the shared content, the title for the video contains a link to the activity within the platform. If a viewer clicks that link, they must register or log in to continue viewing within the Intellum platform or access any other content.

Things to note:

  • Video embed codes are only available for Video activities created by upload of a video file to the Intellum platform.

  • Public activities must be enabled for your account by an Intellum representative.

  • Each site's domain where you will embed videos must be added to a list of Trusted Domains connected to your Intellum account. Reach out to your Relationship Manager or an Intellum representative with each domain that should be added. (i.e.

Enable Embed Codes for Videos

After adding a Video activity by uploading a video file, embed codes for that video are available when the following Catalog Properties are enabled:

Catalog Access and Public Properties in the Catalog Properties section.

Catalog Access

  • Catalog Access must be enabled as either Restricted or Available to All Users.

Public Properties

  • Public View: Allow Public View must be checked to ensure unauthenticated users can view the embedded video and connect to the appropriate Video activity in your catalog after logging in or registering.

  • Activity Sharing: Alongside Public View, Enable Activity Sharing must also be checked to include the Embed Code option in the share menu available in learner view.

Video Activity embeds behavior

Enrolling in a Page that features an Embedded Video Activity will also enroll the Learner in the Video Activity Page.

Watching the entire video embed on the Activity Page **will complete** the enrollment if the Video Activity is set to "Auto Complete"

Embedding the Video Activity on an external site will allow outside, unauthenticated users to view the Video Activity without logging into the Platform.

View & Copy the Video Embed Code

Confirm the above Catalog Properties are set as instructed and access the video activity in learner view.

Note: In admin view, you can navigate to the Compose page of any activity and click Launch as Learner to launch the activity in learner view.

The embed icon within the Share options available in learner view.
  • Access the video activity in learner view.

  • Find and click the Share icon.

  • Select the Embed <> option.

  • The embed code is copied to your clipboard.

  • Paste the code as needed to embed the video.

A platform notification confirms that the embed code was copied.

Embedded Video: User Experience

Users click on the linked title of the video to launch the activity in your learning site.
  • Learners who interact with an activity Page featuring an embedded HTML video are simultaneously enrolled in the Video activity.

  • Learners who watch an entire video embed on an activity Page will also reflect a completed enrollment for the connected Video activity.

Enabling the Auto Complete Videos property automatically completes a video activity once there are 30 seconds remaining in the video, or 6 seconds remaining for videos under 1 minute long.

  • When a learner clicks the linked title of the embedded video, they are taken to the video activity in the platform.

  • Users must be logged in, log in, or register to view the video in the Intellum platform.

  • Progress in the embedded video is carried over to Intellum. Learners resume the video at the same timestamp.

Video embeds also invite users to connect with more great content from your learning site at the end of each video.

Users are encouraged to connect with more content at the end of an embedded video.