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Its finally here! Intellum's industry-leading suite of built-in, Reputation-Based Gamification capabilities are now available!


Encourage learners to challenge themselves, grow their skill set, boost their reputation, and master new topics with new and improved game mechanics available directly in the Intellum Platform.

  • Skills-based learning and Reputation accumulation, for peer recognition of core competencies.

  • Credentials acquisition, for subject-matter achievement and topic mastery.

  • Timed Challenges with Leaderboards and Peer Activity Feeds, to drive engagement.

  • Rewards store support, for physical and digital prize redemption.

  • Learner-competency tracking and reporting, with self-service admin settings.

For Learners

Boost your Reputation

Encourage learners to increase their knowledge across key Skill competencies with Reputation.

Learners earn Reputation after completing course content tagged with specific Skills, which is then displayed proudly on their Profiles for peer recognition of their skill set.

Easily identify Skills strengths across you and your peers. Complete Courses that build the Skills you need to succeed.

Be an Expert

Learners’ mastery of a subject or topic now is proven through shareable Credentials, which are awarded when learners complete specific learning paths or sequenced coursework.

Earning a new Credential also results in an increase in Reputation across related Skills, in addition to what was earned from individual content completion that lead to the Credential, as well as Gold awards.

Track and display earned Credentials on your Profile. Earn Skills Reputation and Gold rewards and share your achievement with every Credential earned.

Own Your Learning

Put your learners in the driver’s seat and give them the keys to owning their educational journey!

With Skills Tags enabled, your learners will see the Skills they’ll acquire, Reputation allotted, Gold to be earned, and any Credentials associated with that particular piece of content, at-a-glance!

Easily identify Courses that result in Credentials earned upon completion as well as the amount of Gold rewarded and Skills Reputation built.

Prove Your Prowess

When a dose of healthy, peer-to-peer competition is needed, look to timed, multi-course, topic-focused Challenges.

Challenges accelerate learners’ accumulation of Skills and Reputation, as well as Gold earned, the more they participate in them. It's the ultimate learning boost to get more content consumed!

As Challenges are completed, learners can:

  • Show Challenges activity on their profile

  • Climb the Challenge Leaderboard

  • Access their progress in the dedicated Peer Activity Feed

Compete in timed, multi-content Challenges to advance your Skills and and reputation across your peers, with Leaderboards and Activity Feeds for easy participation. Track Active, Available, and Completed Challenges on your Profile.

Show Yourself Off

The refreshed learner profile is stacked with new sections and elements that display who you are as a participant and learner.

Now, there’s a dedicated home for Challenges, Skills, and Credentials alongside personal details like your bio and social handles!

Complete your Profile to exhibit your subject-matter expertise and earned Credentials, level of reputation across Skills, activity within Challenges, and more!

Get Rewarded

When bragging rights aren’t enough, go with Gold!

Tie crushing your learning goals with physical and digital rewards from your company’s dedicated storefront.

Gold is earned by:

  • Completing Challenges

  • Finishing Courses

  • Earning Credentials

Easily view your Gold balance and transaction history so you can take advantage of rewards available in your Storefront.

For Admins

Self-Service Setup

We’re thrilled to announce a self-service setup and management workflow right in the Admin Panel, alongside all the other tools you use daily in your Intellum instance.

You’ve got the keys to the kingdom to enable or disable the full feature set, set up and manage Skills Tags, allocate Reputation, and more!

Better Reporting, Deeper Understanding

In-platform Gamification provides a unique opportunity for deeper analytics and reporting by utilizing the power of filters, skills, and tagging.

You can run reports on:

  • Reputation earned by Skill, including Skills/Topic popularity and engagement

  • Challenge completions

  • Credentials awarded

  • Gold balances and transactions

Reporting on gamification elements will empower you to make better content decisions by understanding what content topics are the most engaged, completed, and rewarded on.

Connecting Coursework and Community

Want to quantifiably recognize organic learner contributions and tie peer knowledge sharing to skills-based goals and business initiatives?

Reputation-Based Gamification in Community, a part of Intellum Social

Check out how enabling Reputation-Based Gamification in Community, a part of Intellum Social, helps learners quickly connect with valuable subject-matter experts and high achievers, accelerates their skills acquisition, and formally connects Community engagement to course activity and skills-based goals.

What People Are Saying

“Intellum provides a platform where learners are encouraged to challenge themselves and their peers with friendly competition. It is essential in driving continued growth through training, which in turn leads to increased sales and customer satisfaction.”

Alyssa Morris,
Associate Director of Design for Cricket Wireless

“Gamification is a very integral piece of our education initiatives—and a much larger growth strategy for us. That’s why we’re super excited about Intellum’s new reputation-based in-platform capabilities.”

Samantha Parsons,
Director of Partnerships Experience Academy at

Get Started!

Ready to increase learner engagement, usher your learners toward skill mastery and unlock the power of a gamified learning strategy?

Reputation-Based Gamification capabilities are available to you today!

Check out Intellum Gamification to learn more about how it works so you can start implementing your own gamification strategy.

Have more questions? Connect with your dedicated Strategic Relationship Manager today!