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Managing the Intellum Platform and Intellum Social is easier than ever, with Social admin properties and Community Topic management now available directly in the Intellum Platform admin portal.

  • Social now has its own properties page within the Intellum Platform admin.

  • You can control who can use Groups within Intellum Social.

  • Community Topics admin has also been moved into the platform admin.

  • Notification dots are back!

New Social App Management in action

Rather than going to a separate Social Admin, all of your Social settings are now under one roof!

To find them, follow these steps:

  • Open the Admin panel.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on the Social tab.

Here, you can see the location of the new Social settings:

Admin panel open with "Settings" highlighted and then the "Social" tab highlighted.
Social's settings are now part of your other settings within the Intellum Platform.

How has the learner experience changed?

The learner will now see the notification dots on their Social, Groups, and Community icons in the navbar:

And they will only see the Groups Social feature if it has been enabled for them (read on to learn more).

What's the impact on Admins?

There are three major call-outs for System Admins, LMS Admins, and other similar roles:

  1. Social settings have moved inside the Intellum Platform within Settings (explained above).
  2. Group creation is easier!
  3. Restrict who can use each part of Intellum Social.

Read on to learn more about items two and three:

Group creation

Before, there was a separate Group creation process for Intellum Social. Now, you can create a new Group directly within Groups in Intellum Social.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Click Create New Group when you're within Groups.
  2. Fill out the Group's details.
  3. Click Create This Group.
Clicking on "Create New Group" within Intellum Social and a "Create New Group" window appearing to fill in.
Creating a new Group within intellum Social

Restrict who can access Social

Within your Social settings in the platform, there are sections to control access for Chat, Groups, and Community.

For example, under the Group Access portion, you have three choices for who can use Groups on Social:

  • Off: No one will have access to Groups in Intellum Social.
  • On: All users on your Intellum site will have access to Groups on Social.
  • Specified Exceed Groups: Only selected Groups on the Intellum Platform will have access to Groups on Social.

If you choose "Specified Exceed Groups" and then select only one Group from the platform, then only those users who belong to that group will have access to Group discussion on Social.

Watch this animation to see this in action:

User selecting a specific Group from the Intellum Platform to have access to Groups on Social.
Setting up which Groups have access to Groups on Intellum Social.

These settings work the same way whether you are restricting access to Chat, Groups, or Community.

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